Blog Post – The Importance of an E-Portfolio

The importance of an ePortfolio

Read the following article about ePortfolio’s from the below link and then answer the following.

  1. In your own words, explain the importance of having an ePortfolio.
  2.  Next, list 5 things you would like to showcase about yourself on an ePortfolio. We will be coming back to these five things throughout the semester.

8 thoughts on “Blog Post – The Importance of an E-Portfolio

  1. 1. an ePortfolio is so important because not just some employers look at them, almost every single employer that is looking to hire someone will want to see your ePortfolio and if you don’t have one you will instantly be a less desirable candidate for the job.
    2. the 5 things I would want them to know is my skills, things I have lerneded, certifications I hold, places of past employment, and my contact information.


  2. 1) It’s important to have an eportfolio because it allows people to see things about you without having to read a resume.
    2) -Summary


  3. An eportfolio is important to showcase the direction you are headed in and what you have to offer.I would like to showcase my experience, my personality, my work effort, and my knowledge.


  4. It’s very important to have an e-portfolio because it gives employers and schools a way to get a glimpse of who you are and what you have to offer without you having to submit resumes or applications. If you have a well made and professional-looking portfolio, that will show employers that you are worth their time and can benefit their company greatly. I would like to showcase my resume and cover letter, skills, hobbies, attributes, and relevant experience because I feel these things give me the greatest chance of getting a job in my field.


  5. 1. It is important to have an eportfolio because the world is advancing in technology so quickly and the internet is a much easier way for a company to find you, and if a eportfolio comes up instead of the party pictures that you posted on facebook, that looks much better to an employer.
    2. 1) my previous shows
    2) awards I have won
    3) GPA
    4) major test scores
    5) major from school once I have one


  6. An eportfolio is very important. It is important because it has become the expected thing of an employee who wants to apply for a job in most fields.

    1.)I am an artist
    2.)I currently have a job
    3.)I would like to have my own company
    4.)I like to give back to my community
    5.)I’m in honors society


  7. eportfolios are important because they help you get a job and it is expected of people who are applying for a job in most fields.
    1.) Job experiences
    2.) My personality
    3.) My interests
    4.) Skills I have
    5.) Volunteer hours


  8. An E-portfolio is important because, it shows employers all of your information without a cover letter or a resume. it also makes it more convenient for the employer to hire the employee. By looking at a persons E- portfolio. It gives the employer an idea of your personality at the same time.


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