Getting a Job!

Cold Hard Fact: Getting a job…the job you want…is TOUGH!  (and it’s getting more difficult day by day).

So here’s the question….. Since getting a job is so difficult, what can you do to make yourself different? What makes you…YOU? Think about it for a second. What makes “insert your name here” unique and why would I want to hire you? What can you bring to the position?

Your assignment is to read the article from the following link

In your response, answer the essential question, “What can I add to my resume that makes me stand out?” AND “What will I do after my next interview to ensure I’ve made an impression by following up?”


9 thoughts on “Getting a Job!

  1. In my resume I could add any unique volunteer experience I’ve had whether it’s related to the job or not. This will show that I have compassion in other areas than just with animals. After my next interview I will send a letter as the article said or find a creative way to follow-up depending on how the interview goes and what was talked about most.


    1. In my resume I could add more community service work like at Habitat For Humanity or The Humane Society. After my next interview I always find that a simple phone call goes a long way.


      1. In order to stand out on my resume I could put very unique experiences that I have had and others haven’t. Then in the Interview I could create a presentation that would standout to the hiring manager. Then to follow up I would do an in person follow up.


  2. In my resume, I could add any volunteer work I’ve done, the more I have to offer from my resume, the more I will stand out beyond the other applicants. I have sent letters or called the employers just like the article said to, so I know that those as follow-ups work, because each time I did it, I got the job instantly.


  3. In my resume I could add unique things I have done like other jobs or experiences. After my next interview I would make sure to write a letter and send it to the company or go in to talk to the manager.


  4. To make me stand out in my resume I could include unique things about myself such as the sports I play and activities I am a part of. After my next interview I will send a letter to the manager of the company expressing my feelings on how the interview went and so on.


  5. In my resume I can include unique experiences and skills to help improve it. After my interview I can send a physical letter in the mail instead of a common email to follow up so that I stand out from the rest.


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