Blog #1 – Welcome to Market Workplace Experience

Hi and welcome to Market Workplace Experience!

I hope you had a great summer and are excited about the upcoming school year. We will use this blog for warm-up’s, discussions, current event readings, and as a ticket out the door.

Your first assignment  is to reply to this post by answering the following questions.

1) What skills and knowledge do you hope to gain from this class?

2) What other marketing & business classes have you taken?  Have you ever been in DECA?

3) What do you want me and your classmates to know about you?

4) Take the following poll:


42 thoughts on “Blog #1 – Welcome to Market Workplace Experience

  1. 1.) how to provide on my own.
    2.) I haven’t taken any other classes an have not been in deca.
    3.) in do not procrastinate. (on most things)


  2. I hope to gain Knowledge on how to find a better job and easily find a job. I have never taken another business class and have never been in deca. I would like every one to know that I am looking for a job so if you know of anything let me know.


  3. 1)Money management
    2)Entrepreneurship, Intro to Business, and a few others that i cannot remember the names of
    3)I’m bilingual with Swedish being my second language


  4. 1. working and doing school at the same time.
    2. Have never done DECA and haven’t had any other marketing classes.
    3. I like the color purple


  5. 1) Some skills that I hope to gain from this class would be how to mulit-task better, because my jobs requires a lot of multi- tasking.
    2) No, I have never been in any marketing or business class before, nor have I ever been in DECA.
    3) Something I would like you to know about me is that, I am really organized.
    4) —


  6. 1) I hope to gain knowledge on how to survive in the real world. I hope to learn how to make a professional resume and email.
    2) I have not taken any other business or marketing classes but I do have a lot of friends who are in DECA.
    3) I am an organized, hard working student and like working as a team. I get things done and like to succeed.


    1. I like how you said you want to learn how to survive in the real world: since money is the only way to do that comfortably.


  7. I hope to gain the best ways of interviewing for jobs and the best ways to create portfolios and resumes from this class. I have not taken any other business class but will be taking econ next semester. I have also never been in DECA. I stage manage the plays and musicals here at mountain view, so everyone that sees this should come the play in October.


  8. i think that the way you present your self is the most important part of an interview cause visual is the first wauy they see you even befor you start talking


  9. I am hoping to be able fill out applications very well and further my work experience as a pre k teacher. I have not taken any other marketing or business classes. Something I want my class mates and teacher to know about me is I’m a very fun and social person once you get to know me!


  10. 1) I hope to learn how to communicate and and act in an appropriate way for a work environment.
    2) I have not taken any other marketing or business classes, not have I been a part of DECA.
    3) I want you and my class mates to know that I am a nice, outgoing, understanding person.


  11. 1. I hope to gain from this class is the advantages of becoming more advanced in areas other struggle and to be able to present myself well in an interview without showing any weaknesses.
    2. I am currently taking Business Law and I haven’t ever been in DECA and don’t plan on joining, I really don’t have the time.
    3. I am really like an open book I will tell you anything you want to know, I spend most of my time playing softball or spending time with my boy friend. I work two jobs and have a really boring life compared to other peoples life. I only have two friends in life. Food. And Netflix. Maybe three friends if you count Xander.


  12. 1) I hope to learn how to better market myself in the career field that I’m going into.
    2) The only marketing/business class that I have taken was Intro to Business freshman year. Nope, I have not been in DECA.
    3) There is nothing specific I want/need you or my classmates to know about me.


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